North Harbour is a port and a residential area in Helsingborg, located just west of the city centre. The harbour was designed by engineer John Dunker and inaugurated in 1891 by King Oscar II. Originally the harbour was a commercial port and the area was dominated by railway tracks, large grain silos and warehouses. When the railway was relocated underground in the late 1980s large areas of settlements were uncovered and the transformation of the harbour to a residential area with its marina was a fact. The buildings were performed in new functionalist style and stood ready in time for the home exhibition H99 in the year of 1999.

Norra Hamnen Marina is one of Sweden’s best located and well managed city harbours. It was awarded “This year’s gold harbour” in 2005. It’s easy to find, just north of (2 cable lengths) ferry port of Helsingborg.

When entering the Harbour you will find on your Starboard side six floating jetty’s witch uses red and green sign system. If the place has a green sign is vacant, otherwise not. Mooring places wary in width from 2,5 to 4,3 meter and maximum tonnage of 8 ton. On the eastern quay there is no limit in size of boats and only for guesting boats.

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